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About the Learning Academy.  Inspired by Hope!


Garden of Hope is a not for profit Corporation.

Our Vision

We believe every child can learn!. Garden of Hope provides mentorship, summer camp, tutoring to students with special needs, parent to parent support groups, and Spiritual empowerment through education.  

Garden of Hope is committed to sustainable impact on student success, parenting and advocacy and personal growth/wellness by providing high-quality training sessions, resources and access to skills and community-based services. 

Respite care and free lunch/dinner is provided during all training sessions.  Through a variety of learning opportunities hosted by Dr. McNeal- Walker and other certified trainers and community partners, we hope to strengthen our continued partnership with families and the community.

Our Services
Events & Workshops
  • After School Tutoring for students with a disability

  • Summer Camp for students with a disability

  • Parent to parent support groups.

  • Respite Care

Observing Flowers

Hope's Garden

Learning the gardening basics with kids will help our garden to thrive! Gardens is a great place to cultivate a meaningful and fun learning experience for children. It provides children with the opportunity to learn the life cycle process, by which plants are grown, as well as responsibility, caretaking, independence, and environmental awareness.

Children's Cooking Class

Brenda's Kitchen

Cooking with Kids educates and empowers children and families to make healthy food choices through hands-on learning with fresh, affordable foods.The kitchen can be a fascinating place for young kids. Children will see how the dishes they eat are put together through hands-on experiences, which is a great way to learn and feel like they are helping. Children will use their math skills as they help combine ingredients for recipes. Talking about good nutrition and why you chose the ingredients you're using will assist in building a foundation for healthy eating habits.


Parent Academy

Workshops and activities provide empowering information, motivation, and encouragement for the personal and professional growth of parents and caregivers by providing innovative tools and strategies to effectively enhance parenting, student advocacy, and leadership skills.

Picking Strawberries


The Mentor program is a network of community-based professionals inspired by our core values of respect, integrity, inclusion and growth. We offer children and their families innovative, quality services and individualized supports that lead to growth and independence, regardless of the physical, intellectual or behavioral challenges they may face.

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