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There is Always Hope in the Garden!

Garden of Hope

Kids in Vegetable Farm

           Garden of Hope INC. is a Florida based not for profit corporation established in March of 2013. Garden of Hope is owned and operated by Dr. Belinda McNeal -Walker M.S,Ed.D who has 15 Years of Educational Leadership experience and 35 years of current research and experience in special and general education practices. Dr. McNeal-Walker has obtained certification licensures and endorsements by the state of Florida in multiple academic areas.

           Our organization is dedicated to serving the community through various non -profit partnerships. Garden of Hope Learning Academy is designed to assist special needs students with mastering their individual education plan goals, after school tutoring, and Summer camp. Garden of Hope will assist students in becoming an advocate for themselves as they acquire skilled training and strategies that focus on social and emotional development, independent functioning, communication, basic health care, and curriculum and learning targeted goals.

             We are excited to offer a Parent to Parent Academy. GOH will also assist parents with understanding the many components of the IEP and their rights under the complex umbrella of the procedural safeguard guidelines. GOH staff has over 35 years of experience in servicing Pre K-12 students with special needs. GOH provides support groups for parents. Our desire is to serve the community as a resource center meeting the educational, physical, and social needs of special needs students and their parents.

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